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At Indianapolis carpet cleaning company we believe in giving the best product and service for the very best price. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality to get it either. Our company was founded in 2001 after seeing a need for an honest carpet cleaning company. Does that mean we think all cleaning companies are dishonest? Certainly not. There are a lot of honest companies serving the Indianapolis area. What we did find though is that the vast majority of these companies charged additional fees that the customer either was not told about in advance or found out about once the cleaner was in their home.


Here are a list of items we found OTHER carpet cleaners charging for:


We understand that if someone lives outside a service area then a travel fee is justified. However, why would a company charge you a travel fee if you are inside the advertised service area? They have to come to your home anyway to clean and do the job so why charge the fee? It just doesn’t make sense if you ask us.


for heavy traffic areas: WHAT? Heavy traffic areas? That’s right…. what they really mean by this is that if they have to work hard to get the dirt out it’s going to cost you extra. They sometimes use the words “heavy soiling” when referring to your carpet. Indianapolis carpet cleaning company is of the firm belief that although dirt can come in many different levels (light to heavy)…it’s still dirt and isn’t that why you call a carpet cleaner in the first place?


Again, we have to wonder what they are thinking? We found that ALL the cleaning companies we surveyed charged extra for spot removal. Some companies would include minor spot removal but they all charged extra to even try and remove the hard spots. We understand if a spot will not come out (that does happen sometimes) but to charge someone extra for it reguardless if it comes out or not? Does that sound fair? Not to us it doesn’t. You call a carpet cleaner to clean the spots out of your carpet not clean around them right?


We understand pets are going to have accidents on the carpet sometimes but why should you pay extra for pet stain removal and deodorization? Pet spots aren’t nearly as tough to get out as ink or Kool-aid yet they charge you MORE to remove them than any other spot or stain.

    • EXTRA CHARGE for Deodorization:

Yes, we are as baffled about this one as you are. They use the excuse that deodorizer cost a lot more and therefore they must charge more. We agree that there are some specialty products that do cost more but they are usually designed for severe to extreme cases of odor. General deodorization products will work in almost 98% of the cases.


Indianapolis carpet cleaning company has never charged extra for any kind of spot or stain removal. It doesn’t matter what kind of spot it is there is never a charge for us to remove it. We do not have any hidden fees of any kind either. That’s right…no hidden fees. We can guarantee that we have the best value for your money that we back it with this promise…. If you find any legitimate cleaning company that advertises a better price (for same service) than we do we will beat it. If we can’t beat the advertised price (for same service) then we will pay for them to clean it for you! How is that for a guarantee?
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